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'Eutierria' - Aimee Louise


Tell us a little bit about the term 'Eutierria' and why you chose to use photography to capture it's meaning?

The theme for Eutierria encompasses the power and divinity of natural beauty, exploring the nude figure with natural settings as an expression of empowering romanticism being evoked, symbolizing the embodiment of nature.

I have used photography to capture a timeless tradition and expression of vulnerability, pushing boundaries of self, representing a meditative state which melds with nature releasing distress and a lack of control; this portrays the human body in its purest form, almost animalistic nature. The anonymity in this image, simultaneously invokes loneliness as well as freedom allowing the viewer to find a connection with the subject matter.

Eutierria 1.jpg

Did you have any inspirations for this project or was it purely self contained?

The concept stems from the New Age movement applied to a range of spiritual or religious beliefs and practices developed in Western nations during the 1970s. However, it differs in it’s emphasis, as a result of its highly eclectic structure, drawing from multiple theories, styles or ideas to gain complementary insight into a subject. I created this sense of sheer otherness of capturing the nonhuman space within nature – in attempt to embrace the ‘Earths energies’ enhancing spiritual growth. As Ivakhiv expresses to ‘restore our full memory of our cosmic and spiritual origins’ (2006).

Eutierria 3.jpg
Eutierria 4.jpg

Talk me through the process of how you actually set out to take these photographs? What does a typical shoot day look like?

To start with, I explore my surroundings and locations making sure I can have access to the space. So, there is enough privacy as my subject pose's nude - I need to make sure they are comfortable with the environment and there is some privacy between us and the public as being in a state of nudity invokes vulnerability. Once I have a location in mind, I spend a day going around seeing what calls to me snapping location shoots focusing on shape, colour and light, if I can picture my subject in a position there. I then analyze and plan the positions from my research and what I am trying to express in my art.

Eutierria 5.jpg
Eutierria 2.jpg

Lastly, where can people find you and your other work?

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